Who's to say how any of us would react should someone we love come down with some supernatural ailment. Yes, ailment--because according to Aaron's Blood vampirism is an affliction that can be cured...and not by maiming the infected party. Lame right? If only a lack of original gore and compelling father/son drama were the only problems sucking the life out of Tommy Stovall vampire drama. 

Slead Score: B

Green tea lattes aren't all that bad.

Our trio of heroes led by Chief Ranger Kelly plan their strategy in Grizzly

There have been many thought-provoking works exploring the seemingly never-ending adversarial relationship between humans and the natural world. Grizzly is not one of those works. Instead, 1976’s Grizzly – about a killer bear tormenting campers at an unnamed national park – features a scene where two hikers return to their campsite after a nearly ten-mile-long trek through the woods and begin tending to a mysteriously already-lit campfire. Later, a female park ranger announces her intent to dip her feet in a nearby stream only to start unbuttoning her top.

Slead Score: A

I think we've made it, folks. I think we're back in Twin Peaks.

Any movie that prominently features the profile of a pregnant woman in its promotional material has a high hurdle to jump. Following in the footsteps of Rosemary’s Baby, most of these movies end up fighting a losing battle to justify their existence or climb out from the shadow of the earlier and often superior title. Shelley is one such movie that ultimately makes it out of the darkness and into its own little patch of daylight, no matter how bleak that day might be.

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe struggle to survive in Victor Frankenstein

In its opening moments, Victor Frankenstein confesses: “You know this story.” It’s true, Mary Shelley’s tale of a brilliant doctor who seeks to conquer death has been told and retold countless times over the last, oh, two hundred years, to varying degrees of success. After all this time and all of these interpretations, some may opine that the story, much like the creature Frankenstein cobbles together from bits of dead flesh, is best left in the ground.

Lots of directors have taken inspiration from the great James Cameron and his many iconic films. Add first timer Steven Gomez to that list as his debut, Kill Command, is one part Terminator and one part Aliens--and to change things up a bit, maybe a dash of Robocop on top. However, the eager filmmaker seems to have been caught in an endless code of homage and forgot to program in some innovation along the way. 

Alien: Covenant, now the eighth installment in the Alien universe, arrives on Earth nearly forty years after Ridley Scott was put on the map for directing the original eerie and sophisticated creature feature. Perhaps it’s the pending anniversary that made Scott nostalgic for his glory days, for Covenant is sadly anything but a dismal, rehashed and sluggish attempt to recapture what made Alien (and Aliens) effectively original and terrifying.   

Slead Score: A-

"I'll see you again in 25 years." - Laura Palmer.