What we're watching this weekend: "The Grey" + More Livestreaming tonight!

I'm out of jokes about "The Grey", at least for the moment. I figured I should save some for the show, which we'll be recording this coming Monday. In general, cheesy movies or not, I'm happy to be back in a theater after the doldrums of December. Do this as long as we have, and you gain a new appreciation for the theater experience, content not-withstanding. The week after that is what will hopefully be the first great horror film of the year, Hammer's remake of "The Woman in Black". The buzz is heavy for this one in the BGH offices.

ALSO, our Livestream series continues TONIGHT with bearded web designer, Mark. You should tune in, I think I speak for everyone when I say he's the cuddliest of the BGH podcasters. And when Casey's around, that's a tough title to claim. So check out our Livestream page tonight at 7:30pm EST, and come with inappropriate questions. It's the way we like it. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the word when we've gone live.

Back to dog-racism... I'm proposing a mashup of "The Grey" and "Taken" where wolves kidnap Liam Neeson's daughter. A lot of potential there...

Eric N

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Eric is the mad scientist behind the BGH podcast. He enjoys retro games, tiny dogs, eating fiber and anything whimsical.

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