Virginia Madsen Interview Footage

What we have here is some interesting raw footage from an interview with Virginia Madsen, Academy Award nominee and star of Lionsgate's upcoming "The Haunting in Connecticut". Madsen is a pretty fantastic actress, and if you believe this footage, also a huge fan of "scary movies". She of course is most well known to horror fans as the female lead in "Candyman", arguably one of the best horror films produced by the 1990's. She seems genuinely excited about the film, and working with first time feature director Peter Cornwell. Included in her glowing comments:

[The script] had everything that I wanted... I think the audience will be much more frightened because they care about these people

PG-13 Ghost movies don't exactly have the best track record lately, but based on the trailers I remain optimistic. Having someone like Madsen involved can only be a good thing. So check out the footage below, where she talks extensively about the project, and then take a trip back to your flannel wearing days with the trailer for "Candyman".

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