Trailer: "ThanksKilling"

It's just not a holiday without an associated movie from my Cinema of Crap Collection! And in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, it revolves around a pissed off Indian, a curse, & a vulgar, homicidal turkey. Move over, "The Little Mermaid" - this is something the whole family can enjoy!

Our foul mouthed (Or is it Fowl Mouthed? HAR HAR HAR!) villain has some of the best cheesy one liners to ever come out of a rubber hand puppet. Although only a little over an hour in length, it's earned a special place in my black little heart. And if you can't get enough of the Killer Turkey, you can follow him on Twitter! .

And if you're afraid you won't get your grimy little hands on a copy of this in time for Thanksgiving, well, you're in luck!! It's available via Instaplay on Netflix!!!!! Gobble, Gobble!!!

That Ghoul Eva


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