Trailer For Tim Burton's “Alice” UPDATED!

So for the past month or so we’ve been seeing more and more images coming out for Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland”. Well not we’ve got the first official teaser trailer for the film which is currently set for a March 5th, 2010 release.

Based on Lewis Carroll's “Alice In Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There” the film will no doubt be a lot darker then the original Disney cartoon. For instance, The Queen of Hearts who is played by Helena Bonham Carter is reported to have a moat around her castle filled with human heads. Not exactly the kind of thing I remember seeing on TV as a kid.

We’re still a long way off but I have to say this is looking pretty good to me, the visuals alone are enough to give you a semi. The trailer does seem to focus a lot more on Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter character rather than Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska.

The original is pretty near and dear to a lot of people's hearts though, including mine, so Burton has a lot to live up to. We could very well have another “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on our hands.

Take a gander at the trailer and post up your thoughts.


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