Trailer For "Parts Unknown" !?

This is really the kind of thing for Mark and his obsession with professional wrestling, but since I know there's no way he's up this early, I figured I'd take it on myself. (I kid because I love)

This is an Indie feature called "Parts Unknown", and between the trailer and the synopsis, there shouldn't be a whole lot of selling I need to do. So, here's what you require:

Charlie leads two lives. By day she's an overworked paper-pusher for the global video game developer, Corporation X. By night she's a professional wrestler with dreams of becoming a champion like her father.

When her evil boss uses stolen nano technology
to give their latest video game powerful addictive qualities, the results are apocalyptic.

With players turning into homicidal maniacs, a mountain of paperwork on her desk, and a championship to win, Charlie is forced to find the hero within and save the world from an apocalypse of video game madness...

Fight like a girl, it's the end of the world!

There's no mention of distribution on the official site, but let's hope it's soon! Here's the trailer...

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