Trailer For "Paranormal Activity" Goes Online

If there is one thing I love, it's a good horror movie that frightens the crap out of my wife. Despite what you think of "House Of 1,000 Corpses" I will always love it for that fact that to this day I can just say the words "run rabbit run" and creep my better half out. I do this not because I'm a mean person, but because there are very few situations in a marriage where the guy can have the upper hand.

So yesterday when I stumbled upon the trailer for "Paranormal Activity", a film Eric has been talking about in the news for a while now, I was all aglow with excitement. The movie is almost entirely shown from the point of view of the house's security cameras and features all kinds of fun. Demonic possession, flying objects and what looks to be some serious ghost beatings on people. The wife won't be able to sleep for weeks!

Right now the movie is scheduled to be screened in a handful of cities on September 25th, none of which are anywhere near where I live. But hey I've heard Madison Wisconsin is lovely this time of year. There's also a link on the official website where you can pester your local theater to get the film played in your area. Good luck!


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