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What you see above is the newly released poster for the Iron Maiden "Flight 666" documentary that this site teased about a month ago. Feast your eyes on how sort of plain it is! Also, notice how conspicuously absent Eddie is. Might be the first Iron Maiden multimedia he hasn't appeared on...ever.

So I got caught up the other day in the discussion "If you could make a one-song soundtrack for your life, what would the one song be?" There were really no rules to the conversation: it was simply, pick a song. (This is, admittedly, very similar to the "pick your entrance music" conversation.)

So I went with Motorhead's "Ace of Spades." I figure, the song is completely versatile. Whether I'm a gunfight (which I never am,) riding a motorcycle (which I definitely never am,) or diving off a bar during a fight at a seedy drinking establishment (which I'd like to try,) "Ace of Spades" is the perfect song for all occasions. Birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, poker games (natch,) first dates, walking into the shower, whatever.

Ultimately, it edged out "Raining Blood" because it's more publically accessible, more good-natured, and I have a personal rule about hearing Slayer before noon. On the other hand, if my career path had been different and I was a professional wrestler, it's "Raining Blood" all the way.

I'm curious what the rest of you would pick, just to see what kind of people we have out there (I also am curious if anyone will give in to temptation and pick "Kickstart My Heart." Man, I love to hate that song.)

For reference, my friend picked the Cantina theme from "Star Wars," on the grounds that it is always either whimsically appropriate (parties, book club meetings,) or so wildly inappropriate as to be hilarious (funerals, child birth.)

Side note: fans of Guster. Stop. No seriously, just stop.

Anywho, some quick news updates which I'm way behind on:

-Reports coming in that Clutch will hit the studio in early March, once their tour ends (which I'm seeing on the 27th.) Bassist Dan Maines tells The Obelisk they have about eight songs sketched out and ready to lay down some tracks. I love this band, but if they put out another "Beale Street," they may be entering into the Metallica zone, where fans talk about "the good albums, back in the day." Seriously guys, don't let the hippies influence you.

-Trent Reznor posting on NIN's website that while he's going to be hanging up Nine Inch Nails for a while, he'd like to do a tour with Jane's Addiction first. Wait, what? What kind of conversation would Trent Reznor and Perry Farrell have?

-Cycle of Pain will be putting out their debut album this Spring, and from what I hear, it might be worth looking into. Guest appearances scheduled for the album include Burton C Bell, Zakk Wylde, Russell Allen and Sen Dog, among others. JD DeServio says he's crafting the band in the "Black Sabbath tree," so I'm willing to see what happens.

-Sidebar: speaking of Burton, Fear Factory's website has basically gone dead. What the hell? When are these guys going to tour again? "Transgression" wasn't a masterpiece, but c'mon, don't hang it up entirely. (Lord, I just read an article where Christian is going to play soccer for charity. C'mon, Fear Factory!)

-The Hendrix Estate sued the pants off Electric Hendrix Spirits LLC and won a sizeable award. Nice to see they're trying to keep Jimi's face off of unlicensed stuff, even if they make a boatload of cash doing it.

Live Loud.


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