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-So my friend and I got wrapped up the other day in a conversation about some of the "could have beens" in music. Almost like a Marvel comics "What If," but with even less bearing on actual events. For example, "what if Rage Against the Machine had listened to us and gotten Chuck D to be their new singer?"

Anyway, for those who haven't heard the legend, following the death of Cliff Burton, a young Les Claypool, armed with an arsenal of Isley Brothers songs, auditioned for Metallica. So, the big "what if?" is "what if Metallica had picked Claypool instead of Newsted?" To which I asked my friend "Could you imagine 'Damage, Inc' as a Primus song?" He shook his head. "Go the other way--could you imagine 'Tommy the Cat' as a Metallica song?"


-I saw the Wu-Tang Clan in concert the weekend after Christmas. What an interesting stew of patrons in attendance. However, I could only tolerate so many white suburban kids in Wu-Tang shirts with chin strap beards and crooked hats yelling drunkenly in slang before I had reached the limit of my tolerance. I understand that the Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthin' to fuck wit', but you, on the other hand, sir.....In the words of Chris Rock, "take off that stupid-ass hat." Luckily, the Clan themselves were pretty damn good, even without Method Man or ODB.

-Again I'm reading that Tygers of Pan Tang are making some kind of comeback....really?

-Anyone else see the interview where Rob Halford proclaimed that no straight man could properly sing for Judas Priest? Pretty amusing stuff, although I didn't know that that was in question. A straight man singing "Turbo Lover" seems all out of sorts, anyway.

-Nashville Pussy out with a new album on February 10th. I'm oddly excited for this. I can't explain it.

-Jimmy Page's agent is proclaiming that Led Zeppelin is over and done. I love Zep as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't complain if they didn't attempt a too-late comeback. Although, if they came around, I'd probably go see....

-The NFL overtime rules are just fine. Everybody needs to grow up.

-After all those years, all the nonsense, and all the anticipation, "Chinese Democracy"....went gold yesterday. Yep. Five hundred thousand copies. I grant you, that's a lot, but seems a disappointment.

Live Loud.


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