The Nuclear Edge--Election Day

So, I sprained my ankle playing basketball Monday morning. Eh, happens. Anyway, as I was going to work, I put my Spurs hat on backwards, donned my leather jacket to protect against the elements, and decided to wear my leather boots since I could lace them up and keep my ankle stable.

So as I'm getting to work, I realize that not only am I wearing a backwards hat, a leather jacket and heavy boots, but my jeans have a tear in them, I'm wearing a Motorhead shirt, and limping. Barring a facial scar and my bullet belt, I don't think I have ever appeared more "metal" in my life.

Anyway this morning, limp and all, I dug deep in my drawer and pulled out my "Les Claypool for President" shirt, and shambled into my voting place. That's just what responsible citizens do. It's my only annual chance to tell some members of my government that I approve of their job, and tell others that I don't. It's a right I inherited when my family's forefathers fought in and won the Revolutionary War.

If you haven't voted yet today, please do. I don't even care which lever you pull, which box you check, which screen you touch, whatever. Just get out there. It's important.

No, I didn't wear my bullet belt to my polling place, either.

One note to pass along: you remember me saying to look out for The Sword opening for Metallica? Well, they're running their own tour starting sometime around January, check for dates in your area.


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