Tenney's "Brain Dead" Gets Release!

Kevin Tenney has been busy lately. First of all, he's been producing a remake of his 80's classic "Night of the Demons", which is actually looking like it will get some type of theatrical release.

Apparently he's also been working on a zombie film called "Brain Dead", and the news today is that it will be getting a limited theatrical release in just a few short weeks. March 30th, 2009 to be exact. Synopsis and trailer below:

A small rock crashes into Earth’s atmosphere and lands in the head of a fisherman. The rock however is not the problem; the trouble stems from the brain-sucking slime that hitched a ride in the rock. It turns its host into a zombie and reproduces, converting others into brain-eating monsters. Soon enough a group of wanderers, including a couple of jailbirds (Joshua Benton and David Crane), two med students (Sarah Grant Brendecke and Michelle Tomlinson) and a reverend and his secretary (Andy Forrest and Cristina Tiberia), hole up in a cabin in the woods, hiding from the knowledge-seeking creatures lurking outside.

If you're not familiar with the original "Night of the Demons", it's definitely worth checking out for those 80's nostalgia whores out there. Here's the trailer for that;

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