death of child

Pay no mind to the time that Before I Wake sat on shelves collecting dust. Relativity Media's bankruptcy closed the door to Mike Flanagan's film's initial September 2015 release only for that door to be lovingly opened recently by everyone's favorite punching bag (excuse me, streaming service), Netflix--and it's high time for audiences to absorb the emotional gut-punch Flanagan's prepared.

The connection between physical place and past human histories is at the crux of haunting narratives. The bumps in the night, floating specters, or rattling chains don’t make a haunting, but it is the implied ability of the past and present to fold in on one another with usually horrific results. It seems that because of this implication haunting films are more susceptible to be lazy when providing a reason for the fantastic occurrences. The filmmakers, to a certain extent, can get away with much more with much less explanation.