Koala Kacho seems to have everything going for him: he’s the vice-president of a pickle manufacturing plant, he has a beautiful girlfriend, and he’s about to seal a huge business deal with a South Korean kimchi company. Things couldn't get much better for a giant suit-and-tie-wearing koala right? Only he has one problem: sometimes he blacks out at night and then the women in his life end up dead.

“Death Note” is a manga series that spawned a mega-franchise in Japan including an anime, two live-action films, a spin-off focusing on a fan-favorite character, three video games, seven soundtrack albums and enough licensed merchandise to make George Lucas salivate. In the US, however, the franchise remains fairly obscure for those who aren’t anime fans or Nipponophiles even as a big budget Hollywood remake of the film looms. Is “Death Note” an irresistible fantasy of power, intrigue and murder or just a kiddie tale dressed up in goth clothes?