Bloody Good Horror Podcast

Covering the best and worst of the horror genre since 2007, the Bloody Good Horror crew reviews the newest horror movie releases as well as cult classics each week. Bringing a diverse set of opinions and a healthy dose of insanity, Bloody Good Horror is for all types of horror fans -- hardcore, softcore, normie, juggalo, furry, etc. Welcome to the conversation.

We're all creeped out by this movie... and "brother" director teams.

Aliens are sucking people into the sky, while this movie is sucks the intelligence from your brain.

This is definitely a movie.

We check out "Monsters" and its sweet, sweet tentacle love.

It's Saw time, bitches!

OMG you guys, this movie is totally real.

Real life meets urban legend with the documentary, "Cropsey".

Maybe the worst film we've ever reviewed... including "Shreik of the Mutilated".

A decent remake of a foreign film? Listen and find out.

Icky. Just... icky.