Bloody Good Horror Podcast

"These guys have a great mix of really insightful knowledge and complete ignorance."

- Just Like Nikki, iTunes Review (5 Stars)


We review the Ghost House release "The Substitute," also known as "Vikaren" also known as "Hot for My Danish Teacher."

This is the face Neil Marshall will make when he sees this.

Can we "Survive" Romero's latest zombie "film"?

It's a nightmare... on OUR street! We dissect the latest horror remake.

This week we review the limited release "I Sell The Dead", the proclaimed "Best Horror Comedy in Years"... you can feel the disappointment.

Shit gets awkward.

4/5's of the crew discusses the new Indie release, "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond", as well as the latest life-changing masterpiece from the Insane Clown Posse.

We celebrate Easter the right way, by discussing Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist". Prepare your naughty bits, ladies and gents.

Bloody Good Horror and Night of the Living Podcast join forces!

Joe and Schnaars duke it out over this film's merits...