Bloody Good Horror Podcast

"These guys have a great mix of really insightful knowledge and complete ignorance."

- Just Like Nikki, iTunes Review (5 Stars)

We debate the finer points of artficial sucking sounds.

It's our Birthday! Plus, we torture Jon with one of the worst movies ever made.

Joe joins us this week and we're all a bit divided over Ti West's "House of the Devil".

Heed our advice... go with the weed instead.

This week the crew discusses Richard Kelly's "The Box".

This week we're talking about the Milla Jovovich starring thriller, "The Fourth Kind".

It's "Trick 'R Treat" time!

It's Halloween, so that must mean "Saw" time. Let's see how many more of these Schnaars can take.

This week we take on "Paranormal Activity", and see whose pants were dry after watching it.

It's "Zombieland" time, bitches!