Bloody Good Horror Podcast

"These guys have a great mix of really insightful knowledge and complete ignorance."

- Just Like Nikki, iTunes Review (5 Stars)

We check out "Monsters" and its sweet, sweet tentacle love.

It's Saw time, bitches!

OMG you guys, this movie is totally real.

Real life meets urban legend with the documentary, "Cropsey".

Maybe the worst film we've ever reviewed... including "Shreik of the Mutilated".

A decent remake of a foreign film? Listen and find out.

Icky. Just... icky.

Listen up, M. Night Shyamalan has something really important to tell you.

Will Jon's head explode? Will the 3D rain live up to the hype? Find out now.

This week we debate the finer points of how to best pronounce "Machete", and the possible attractiveness of a certain fiery Latina.