Bloody Good Horror Podcast

"These guys have a great mix of really insightful knowledge and complete ignorance."

- Just Like Nikki, iTunes Review (5 Stars)

We take a trip back to the early 90's this week to review Clive Barker's "Candyman", and Mark fills in for Joe with a beer recommendation.

Discussion of George Romero's "Knightriders".

The Saw is Family this week as we discuss "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II"

Special guest Louis Fowler joins us this week to discuss "Predators."

As if "Bad Biology" wasn't an awkward enough conversation, this week we're discussing "The Human Centipede". Enjoy!

We study a little "Bad Biology"...

In Episode 123, we review the TROMA classic "Class of Nukem High", and make some hilariously misguided predictions on "Jonah Hex's" box office.

Joe shows up late and judges Eric, who finally sat through an entire movie for the show.


We review the Ghost House release "The Substitute," also known as "Vikaren" also known as "Hot for My Danish Teacher."

This is the face Neil Marshall will make when he sees this.