Peter Jackson Takes on Nazi Zombies?

It's Friday afternoon and I'm bored, so it's half-baked story time! Nazi Zombies are experiencing a rennisaince right now. There's something about taking the innocence of zombies and combining it with the pure, unadulterated evil of the nazi regime that has everyone's panties in a bind recently. Well, it's gone all the way up the ladder and it looks like Peter Jackson may be taking some on, in his long awaited return to the gory horror he was a pioneer of back in the day.

The following came from the mouth of Actor Stephen Fry on a British radio show:

Fran [Walsh], who is PJ’s wife and writes with him, they’ve come up with this idea called 'The Christ Must Die' in which Nazi zombies go back in time to stop Jesus from being born.

Holy shit, if that's true, this could be amazing. Fry went on to say that there's a great replica of Jerusalem in New Zealand that was built for a shady religious film which has been abandoned, and the local filmmakers have been proposing ways to use the dormant set. I find it hard to believe that Jackson would take on anything TOO controversial after all the mainstream success he's had, but you never know. The man loves his horror, and if anyone has the clout to do what they want these days, it's definitely him. He just better hurry up before we all get completely sick of hearing the phrase "nazi zombies". I know I'm getting close.

Peter Jackson to direct Nazi zombie time travel movie

On an unrelated note, it's been brought to my attention recently that the 1977 riff on the idea "Shock Waves" was actually shot in the city in which I currently reside. I'm endlessly fascinated to watch it, even though I'm not terribly excited by this:

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