Horror Headlines: Tuesday November 22nd, 2011

The 10 part Scandinavian series "Real Humans" has yet to actually air but it looks like it's already been picked up for a US remake. The show is set in a workplace where robots have become so human that they've become an integrated part of society. Is it too late to make an Al Gore joke? That's really all I got here.

I haven't watched the NBC series "Grimm" but I enjoy the commercials for it and therefore consider myself the show's biggest fan. So I couldn't be more excited to hear the news that the good people at the NB of C's have decided to pick up the show for a full season. The show follows a detective who discovers he can see some humans as beasts and is determined to protect the rest of us from them. Really, the commercials are delightful, you should check them out.

Listen closely and you can hear BGH's own Casey jumping up and down like a school girl. Why you might ask is he doing this? Because a new book "The Hammer Vault" is hitting stores next month for his and your reading pleasure. Written by Hammer Film historian Marcus Hearn, the book outlines the full history of the classic film company with tons of photos and stories from the people who were there. It might be time for me to finally learn how to read. But how do you write the news, Joe, you might ask? And why are you using the same joke from a few months back? Shut your face.

And here's a new trailer for "The Woman In Black" staring Daniel Radcliffe. I've run out of Harry Potter jokes so just make up your own. Something about a wizard's cap and wand. Maybe something about a broom going somewhere it shouldn't.

In Real People News: 

Ghosts need love too my friends. Sometime they need more than love. This 73 year old woman in England says the ghost haunting her needs to grope her in fact. So much so that she hasn't been able to sleep for the past 4 months. Ghosts with old lady fetishes! What a country! That was a Yakov Smirnoff impression.

A Wyoming high school coach is stepping down after parents were outraged by a "Hurt Feelings Report" he handed out to his players after a loss. A report asking you why your feelings are hurt sounds strange, yes, but it's the options for why the report was being filled out that were included that got him into trouble. For example, "I'm a pussy", "I'm a cry baby" and "I want my mommy". Not going to lie, this guy sounds awesome.


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