Horror Headlines: Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. I plan on BBQing all day and being passed out drunk before it even gets close to fireworks time. But don't feel bad for me. I've already watched this 2 and a half minute video of people doing awful things with fireworks. Happy Birthday America.

Well it looks like "Ghostbusters 3" is getting an overhaul with a whole new writing team. No word on who the new writing team is but apparently all systems are a go. Until Bill Murray gets the new draft and takes a peepee on it during the 7th inning stretch of a Toledo Mud Hens game that is.

Susan Sarandon is the latest name to be added to the cast of the upcoming rated R stop motion flick "Hell & Back." The romp revolves around a duo who travel to the underworld to bring back their friend who was accidentally taken there. Sarandon will lend her voice skills to the movie in the form of Barb the angel. Which sounds about right because lets be honest at one time or another we've all though she was sent down from the heavens to make our lives better. I can't be the only one right?

A&E has given the thumbs up to at least ten episodes of their upcoming series "Bates Motel." The show will give the viewers insight into how everyone's favorite innkeeper Norman bates came to be a cross dressing killer. I assume it started with lipstick or something. Maybe some heels. Ladies pinch, whores use rouge, Norman.

People are still making magazines apparently and a new one has hit the shelves that might interest some of you deviants. Playzom magazine is now available in some areas of California and via their facebook page. The page turner looks to be one half horror mag, one half guys mag and one half spank material. I know that equals 3 halves. That's just how much content is in there. It's almost too much to handle.

In Real People News: 

And because it's America's birthday tomorrow here's an adorable story about the new alternative to seeing eye dogs. Ladies and gentleman I am proud to present to you... the seeing eye miniature horse.

A naked man is under arrest after he ran down the streets of Indianapolis completely nude doing ninja like flips and screaming at people. Police tased the crap out of the guy to no avail before he was eventually taken down. You make your own zombie apocalypse jokes. I've completely run out.


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