Horror Headlines: Monday March 14th, 2011

"Attack on the Block" is a new sci-fi flick that tells the charming story of a girl, a group of hoodlums and the aliens that invade their city. I assumed this had something to do with J-Lo but apparently this takes place in London and I don't think they have a "Bronx" there so it might be a bit of a stretch.

HBO is already pushing the next season of "True Blood" which comes out this summer and to get the juices flowing they've released a new clip titled "Waiting Sucks". Get it? We're waiting for the next season and the show is about vampires who suck blood. I nearly wet myself for the LOLing.

Did anyone want a sequel to "Deadgirl"? And even if you did did you really want to see the roles reversed and find out what happens when a couple of women find a naked dead guy? Well it looks like Trent Haaga has written a script for just such a film presumably to try and counter some of the backlash from the first film.

Holy mother of god. I don't even need to tell you the premise of the new horror comedy "Little Creeps". I just need to tell you the cast. Screech, the girl who played Lisa Turtle, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, the big chin guy who played Maniac Cop and a Pirate of the Caribbean. There, now we've all wet ourselves today.

In Real People News: 

If there is one thing I have learned from rap music it's that Brooklyn does not play. It's a fact. If you try to front in Brooklyn you will get acid thrown in your face. That's a fact. I know this because a 16 year old girl did it to a fellow classmate recently and nearly blinded her. Do not play sucka!

There are very few things men can truly take pride in these days but damn it all if we still don't have belching. So it's not surprising that an Indiana man attacked his mother in law after she complained about the smell of his giant burp. Not surprising but make no mistake he's still being brought up on charges. Burp or not you can't go around attacking mother in laws.


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