Horror Headlines: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

This past weekend I watched a show on Power Metal and how it's influenced the metal community as a whole. From what I can understand it's influenced people to wear crushed velvet jackets and really tight pants. I can't pull that kind of thing off but I support anyone who can. Since the viewing I've been listening to a lot of Helloween, a band I hadn't enjoyed since I was just a wee lad. For those of you not familiar with the band their German and they sing songs like this. Keep in mind that video is a shortened version of a 13+ minute song. It's exhausting to listening to. I've had to call out from work twice this week after listening to their "Keeper Of the Seven Keys 1 + 2" albums back to back. I'm also finding it impossible to find white Adidas high-tops anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.

"The Flying Conchords" is a really cool show on HBO but you've probably never heard of it. It's pretty underground. Even if you have seen it you probably don't GET the humor. It's pretty funny though. You probably don't know that Jemaine Clement is one half of the singing duo on the show either but there's word around the coffee bar that he's working on an as yet untitled vampire comedy script these days. Blah blah blah hipster.

If you liked "Gran Torino", and I did in case you're wondering, then you'll find the news that the films writer Nick Schenk has been hired to pen the script for the upcoming "Robocop" remake. I for one look forward to an older and more racist Robocop. Don't worry, he'll also have a heart of gold.

Admit it, you watch "Gossip Girl". Yeah you do you dirty sicko. You love it so much. I honestly have no idea what the show is even about so I'm stretching here to make some sort of stupid comment that makes sense. But it looks like the show's creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are working with the CW on a new series called "Cult" about a girl who joins a blogger on a quest to find out if a group of rabid fans are recreating murders based on a popular TV show. It's kind of like when I had my Rachel bangs in the 90's but people die.

If you've been wondering what "Saw 3D: The Final Chapter" director Kevin Greutert is up to then there's something seriously wrong with you. But I'm here to help people and I'm not going to be a prick. He's working with Lionsgate on a new film titled "Jessabellem" about a girl who returns to her childhood home after she loses the use of her legs only to find a mystery surrounding her birth and an angry ghost haunting her house. Ya know, standard run of the mill girl problems.

In Real People News: 

Two sisters in Wisconsin are under arrest after they forced a man to drink urine and did something called "penis torture". I mean I probably know what penis torture is but I stopped reading the article once I saw the words "twist" and "pull". I don't need to know the details.


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