Netflix Streaming Friday - Week of January 7th, 2011

1996 was a big year in my life. First of all, I turned 10 years old. Secondly, "Mars Attacks!" came out in theaters. If you've seen "Mars Attacks!" I'm sure I don't need to tell you how unbelievably awesome this movie is. If you haven't seen it:

A) What's wrong with you, &
B) You need to see it immediately

Here's why:

The Cast: Check this out. Jack Nicholson (in two roles), Glenn Close, Annette Benning, Pierce Brosnan, Danny Devito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker (as a woman/dog hybrid, how apropos), Michael J. Fox, Jim Brown (best running back ever, by the way), Natalie Portman, Pam Grier, skinny Jack Black, Rod Steiger, Ray J (of Kim Kardashian sextape fame), Christina Applegate and Tom motherfucking Jones. Yes, the soul singer, Tom Jones. Seriously, this movie is in the running for best cast ever.

The Action: crazy ass CG aliens run around blowing everything right the fuck up and killing the above incredible cast in hilarious, super violent ways. Yes, it's only rated PG-13, but this movie still manages to be super violent and cheesily awesome.

Plus, it happens to be based off of some super cool, super pulpy trading cards from the sixties and it inspired one of the few songs that didn't suck from The Misfits brief revival in the '90's without Danzig.

Watch this movie this weekend. You absolutely will not be disappointed.