"Left 4 Winchester" Brings Shaun to L4D

Ever since Valve opened up "Left 4 Dead" to mod development, both game and zombie enthusiasts have scrambled to recreate their favorite scenes from famous zombie films in the game. Movies like "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead" are easy targets, but a crew of modders has assembled to work on 'Left 4 Winchester,' a custom campaign based on "Shaun of the Dead." The campaign is broken up in sequence to fit the movie, starting at Shaun's living room (above) and ending in the back room of the iconic Winchester Tavern. The screens look amazing so far, but apparently one of the developers has cold feet about potential copyright issues.

So it seem's one of our main Mapper's has some recent second thoughts. These thoughts are based around legal issues with basing a video game campaign off a movie, and thus I am sadly stuck in a rift that I am not sure will work itself out anytime soon. If all goes downhill... we may lose him and thus his work along with it.

I'm a fan of the "work now, apologize later" philosphy of development, and think that it would be a shame for such a faithful mod to fade into the sunset. There is a point to be made about the futility of modding a game that has a sequel coming out in a few months, but at such an early stage, I'm thinking that by the time L4D2 comes out, the changes won't be all that significant. It seems that even if this is finished it'll be a while from now, but if you're dying for some "Shaun..." loving, you'll probably find this awesome custom menu popping up long before the campaign does:



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