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Good news, if I am ever trapped in my house by murderers I would most likely be able to plan my escape and bust some skulls. I’m what you might consider “smart and vengeful”. Or at least that’s what the “Challenge Your Fears” quiz tells me. Funny side note, I was also voted “Most likely to seek revenge on my kidnappers” in High School. Go Spartans. Anyway, “Challenge Your Fears” and “Get the Keys” are two new games which can be found on the “The Last House on the Left” website. Are the two games actually fun? Not so much, but it’s cool to see more and more thought being put into movie websites.

“Challenge Your Fears” is pretty straight forward. You’re asked a few questions on how you would handle different situations that come up in the film “The Last House on the Left”. Based on those answers you’re given a verdict of whether you’re going to survive or be beaten beyond recognition. Not much of a game really but you do get some clips from the movie in between questions and a wallpaper you can download at the end.

It's pretty obvious that “Get the Keys” is where the development time for the site went. While the game itself isn’t very fun, I can still appreciate what Rogue was going for here. The controls are awkward and there isn't much of a reason to replay the game but the developer in me is still impressed. Pretty much you play as one of the characters who are trapped in the house. You need to maneuver around squeaky floor boards and sleeping murderers to find the keys that will open the font door. Oh and there is a time limit, because murderers don’t let you just wander around the house looking for a way out. You have the option of picking up weapons to fend off attackers but to be 100% honest I never figured out how to use them.

In the past both “The Mist” and "Quarantine" had put simple point and click games on their sites, only one of which is still live. While the games on "The Last House on the Left" aren't that great you can really start to see the progression of your average movie site. I’m interested to see what other games you fine people have found on different movie sites. With the amount of cross over there is between the horror genre and video games I'm sure there are plenty out there.


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