Jason Slays Box, Variety Sucks

Did I just say "Jason Slays Box"? Yes... yes I did.

I would say that according to this jackass at Variety, Jason is having one hell of a weekend. Although in order to do that I would have to ignore the fact that the article is subtitled "Freddy's Back". Wait... what?

New Line/Warner Bros./Paramount's redo "Friday the 13th" grossed $19.3 million as it debuted Friday in theaters, pulling off the best opening day gross ever for President's Day and the second best gross for a horror movie after "Hannibal," which posted a Friday gross of $19.7 million. Some might not consider "Hannibal" a horror movie, since the original "Silence of the Lambs" was nominated for an Oscar..

"Friday the 13th" should hit $50 million for the four-day weekend. Gulp.

In case you were wondering, this two paragraph post is exactly the reason why sites like ours exist. Otherwise this is what your genre coverage would be like. A guy calling Jason Freddy (are there really people that don't know the difference?), claiming "Silence of the Lambs" isn't horror because it won an Oscar, and finishing the nutsack thrashing with his final insult, the word "gulp".

Even though I really did not enjoy the remake (an understatement), I'm always happy when horror has its day at the box office. Unfortunately, it seems like no matter how much success we have, there will always be coverage like this. That's why we're here folks. So thanks for joining us and helping keep the good fight alive. And don't forget, Freddy's back!

Via Variety.

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