Friday Fun: Crush the Castle

Let's face it, Friday is the longest day of the week. Whether you work, go to school, or leave an ass print on the couch all day, the last day before the weekend can feel twice is long. That is why I've decided to make every Friday the day of fun, by giving you an online plaything to occupy (read: waste away) your day! If this sounds like something you want me to keep up, give me a nod in the comments.

Crush The Castle

A work friend sent me this the other day, and let's just say that my productivity (in general) took a serious downward spiral. In
Crush The Castle, you take control of a catapult stocked with various sorts of ammo and, you know, try to crush the castle. Sure, these castles are made of loosely stacked boards with serious structural problems, but that's all part of the fun! One of the coolest things about this game is the fact that you can build your own levels. It might actually be more fun to build Rube Goldberg-esque scenarios than it is to build legitimately challenging levels, but the fact that they give you the tools of the trade is pretty awesome. If you make a masterpiece yourself, be sure to share it!


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