Friday Fun: My Brute

Let's face it, Friday is the longest day of the week. Whether you work, go to school, or leave an ass print on the couch all day, the last day before the weekend can feel twice is long. That is why, starting last week, I've decided to make every Friday the day of fun, by giving you an online plaything to occupy (read: waste away) your day! If this sounds like something you want me to keep up, give me a nod in the comments.

My Brute

If you haven't played viral games online, you've likely been asked to. A game can involve almost no action on the part of the player and still be fun and hopelessly addictive. "My Brute" is a game of that ilk. When you go to the site, you simply just enter in your desired name, pick pre-canned look for your character, and enter a password if you want to avoid BRUTAL (sorry) identity theft. Then, you enter the arena and let your brute have at it! There are no controls, which makes the game both more frustrating and more captivating, as you watch your brute battle it out with online foes. In the process, you level up, gain weapons, boost your stats, and eventually acquire pupils as you bring people into the game. You can only have a certain number of fights in a day, but you can gain experience by continuing to recruit players via your unique URL. It might sound silly, and look a little too cutesy for some people, but it's a wonderful way to waste some time on a Friday.

Become my pupil and enter the My Brute arena at (if you get an error just refresh, the server seems a bit dicey today). Don't forget to post your link in the comments to gain some pupils yourself!


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