For Better or For Worse, Here's Kevin Smith's "Yoga Hosers" Trailer

After months of something closely aproximating anticipation, "Human Hockey Jersey" Kevin Smith has unleashed the trailer for "Yoga Hosers," Part Deux of the True North Trilogy that includes 2014's "Tusk" and the eventual "Moose Jaws" aka 'Jaws With a Moose.' I think I somehow got a contact high just by typing that last sentence, but anyway, here's "Yoga Hosers."

First of all, I love a great portmanteau, and "Brat-zi" (a footlong bratwurst Nazi) is no exception. Honestly, "Tusk" was surprisingly memorable for reasons both right and wrong, and Johnny Depp's Guy Lapointe was an unquestionable highlight, so I'm happy to see his schnozzed-up face again. Horror fans are often clamoring for something different, and this film certainly looks different. I just wish that I didn't know "Moose Jaws" was a thing, because it's going to be really hard for me to make it through "Yoga Hosers" without imagining how much better it would be with a moose going apeshit. Until next time, I guess!


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