Dexter 3.10 "Go Your Own Way"

Ladies and Gentlemen. It's taken ten episodes and innumerable eye rolls and sighs of exasperation but I'm pleased to announce that in this episode, finally, Maria and Angel's subplots both tie into the main story. It's a proud moment. Maria's subplot even looks like it might turn out to be the key to Miguel's downfall. Angel... well, he did his best, bless his little porkpie hat.

As you'd expect, if the story's hitting with the C-list, it's really cooking with the big guns. The game of cat and mouse between Dexter and Miguel keeps ratcheting up and there were a few scenes where the two of them had absolute hate-ons for each other, particularly during the booty-calling waiter's interrogation and the scene on the rooftop when Miguel's fire met Dexter's ice. But let's start at the beginning.

After breaking the Code almost immediately after being introduced to the world of killer killing, Miguel is clearly not the best fwiend Dexter was beginning to hope for. Without the incriminating bloody shirt, Dex finds himself at the mercy of the maniac he unleashed. He correctly identifies Maria as the key pawn in the game between him and Miguel and manages to pop up in time to prevent any hanky panky from progressing between the two of them and even manages to plant the seed with Rita that Miguel is having an affair, which soon enough gets passed along the girltalk grapevine to Miguel's wife Sylvia who catches him at Maria's and accuses him of being there the night of Ellen Wolf's murder. Maria finally does something useful and shows us how she got her badge when she add Miguel's mysterious whereabouts to his SUV that fits the description given by the waiter and presumably comes up with a healthy suspicion of Miguel.

Meanwhile, Dexter charms his way into Miguel's house and finds the ring Miguel took as a token of Ellen's murder and replaces it with a dry cleaning ticket for a certain bloody shirt. You know those stains never come out. This leads to the aforementioned intense rooftop scene. The killer reveal at the end is that Miguel has released the Skinner and told him that Dexter knows where Freebo is. We close the episode with Dexter locked in a car trunk, speeding away to a possibly skinless future. Just plain awesome.

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