Dexter 3.07 "Easy as Pie"

Sorry to be late with your weekly Dexter fix but over the weekend I had a few hours to kill before the Alabama-LSU game and went for a bike ride, took a spill and came out of it with a wrist shaped like the pipe under your bathroom sink. On Friday I'm having the Skywalker model cybernetic wrist installed so for the next 6-8 weeks until they finish rebuilding me I'll be hunting and pecking with my left hand. I'll also be on massive doses of painkillers so this could get a little wacky. You can expect these entries will be a little shorter from here on as well since it takes me about an hour to type a paragraph in my current dilapidated state. On to the show...

It looks like my “on week/off week” theory holds up. After last week's snoozer we get a nice story-moving, Dexter-heavy episode. My biggest complaint about Dexter has always been the weak supporting cast, which makes the main story thread tonight even more bittersweet. It's a shame we've had to put up with so much of the annoying/boring elements of Miami PD (that would be Doakes, Angel and Maria) when there's been a great character we've barely even met in Camilla, the dying records officer. Her time on the show wasn't long but the scenes between her and Dexter managed to be heartwrenching without ever descending into cloying sentimentality. For the first time Dexter killed not for revenge or compulsion or for covering his own ass but for mercy. If you need proof as to this show's greatness you need look no further than the way the writers somehow manage to make Dexter become more human through killing instead of less.

Meanwhile, fueled by a “metric fucking ton” of caffeine, Deb makes the connection that the Skinner must be a tree-trimmer. Jimmy Smits continues down his path to instability. I'm thinking there's a good chance that before the end of the season he's going to go nuts and start kill people and Dexter's going to have to step in. Until then, Dexter's still intrigued with this whole new “having a friend” thing and even asks Prado to be his best man.

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