Dexter 3.05 "Turning Biminese"

Now that Dexter's getting hitched, the tightly controlled life he's become accustomed to is slipping away. Somehow he's got to figure out how to keep his dark passenger happy while living under the same roof as a wife and two (soon to be three) kids. This fact is underscored when Rita has complications from the pregnancy and ends up in the hospital while he's off in Bimini taking care of a black widower. It's just sinking in for Dexter that getting married is going to change everything and disappearing for a few hours to take care of his compulsions is going to be more difficult than he realized.

The real revelation of tonight comes when Dexter comes back from killing in Bimini and Miguel Prado reveals that not only has he figured out what Dexter was doing instead of fishing, but that he approves. He's completely happy to be the Commissioner Gordon to Dexter's Batman. It's a payoff that satisfies a lot of my doubts about the direction of this season. I was afraid the show was treading too much in familiar territory but this is every bit as much a game-changer as the marriage. Other than his late father, no one has known the truth about Dexter and lived very long. It will be very interesting to see how Dexter reacts to having a possible friend who not only knows that he's a killer but also thinks he's doing the right thing. I'll be willing to put up with some more Jimmy Smits if we get to see him feed Dexter information on killers to be dispatched with.

Meanwhile, back at the station, Masuka finally gets some respect. After being told last episode that all his co-workers think of him as a goofy, offensive nerd, he suits up, stops cracking jokes and walks around with a perma-scowl on his face. When Angel and Debra realize that they've hurt his feelings they defend his work in a meeting and give him the chance to have a CSI moment in an exchange that ends with the line “that's science, and science is one cold-hearted bitch with an eighteen inch strap-on.” Little scientists everywhere, rejoice.

Debra shows her softer side both by getting closer to her new CI buddy Anton and by using her potty-mouth to her advantage in order to make a breakthrough with a teenager who worked for Freebo. At one point when she's talking to him, we get the binocular POV shot which is never a good sign. Angel asked out the undercover vice cop while she was on a street corner posing as a hooker. I'm hoping this relationship lasts, just so in 15 years they have to awkwardly explain to their kids how they met. We hardly even saw Maria, which may or may not explain why this was one of the better episodes of the season so far.

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