Album Review: Ashes Of Ares - Ashes Of Ares

We metal fans are not above snobbery. We love our pedigrees as much as any blue-blood. When a new band comes along, we tend to look and see who the members may have played with in the past, hoping for an indicator of quality before we ever hear a note. Seeing a familiar old name attached to a project makes us feel better about getting involved with yet another new band, even if it does tip the scales before our brains are ready to make an informed decision.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday December 22nd, 2009

Maryland based Edgar Allen Poe fans have reason to rejoice as the LA based stage play "Nevermore" starring Jeffery Combs as the man himself is heading to Baltimore on January 23rd and 24th. Here's hoping we get more locations out of this little road trip!

"Hatchet" director Adam Green has a new movie in the works and now you can watch the trailer for his latest feature, "Frozen".

Continuing in the faux-documentary craze sweeping theaters lately, film maker Bing Bailey releases a teaser trailer for his upcoming Irish zombie treat, "Portrait of a Zombie".

Marvel comics love their Stephen King adaptations lately, so its no surprise to hear that they will be publishing an adaptation of King's short story "N." from "Just After Sunset". Lucky for us, their adaptations have been pretty stellar so far.

In Real People News: 

British police are on the hunt for a pervert. Video footage shows that the man repeatedly snuck behind a grocery story worker in order to sniff his butt.

Workers called out to install an emergency fence around a town fountain were caught off guard when they discovered the frozen body of their co-worker frozen in the fountain. It seems he tripped and landed in the water the night before the safety fence was installed. Doh, so close.

On this day in history: 

1972 - An earthquake destroys the city of Managua, Nicaragua, leaving 6,000 dead.

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