MGM has tapped Jose Padilha to direct their reboot of the 80's cop turned into a robot classic "Robocop". I've never seen any of the movies this guy has made and this is normally where I would put some sarcastic comment about that fact but I saw his IMDB page and he has caring eyes so I'm going to approve of this.

I don't know a single stereotype about Argentina so this one's going to be short. Here's a bunch of pics and a trailer for the new hand held feature to come out of the country(?) titled "Incidente". According to the description the movie isn't filled with zombies but rather "demons who use the humans like clothes". I assume this is a play on the saying "wear your ass like a hat". Could be wrong thoguh.

A new "Scream 4" poster is out and call me a giant prick but I actually like it. Of course it's done by Olly Moss and I actually know who that is so it might just be the buzz I have from feeling somewhat smart. Want me to do your taxes?!

A trailer for the new kids lost in the sticks slasher flick titled "Madison County" has hit the tubes and it looks grimy, son. Like girls covered in dirt running around a gravel road grimy. It makes me feel like I need a shower. Oh and there's a guy with a pig's head killing people. But man that gravel has got to be hard on the tootsies.