The Accidental Dystopia in the RoboCop Remake

So there’s a “RoboCop” remake. That’s something I have to tell my unborn children as well as my unknown bastards. It’s also about to clear 150 million on a 100 million dollar budget. Though only 50 of them bones is domestic it’s still not out of the realm of possibility I’ll have to tell those tiny bearded boys and girls there’s a “Robocop 2” too. (As in ‘also’, not 2x2 which would be weird but not impossible.

Episode 214 - "Battle Royale"


5 podcasters enter... only one leaves...

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Keeping the Fire of Iced Earth Strong - Words with Jon Schaffer

Iced Earth, over the course of the band's roughly twenty-five year sojourn, has become the working epithet for guitarist and songwriter Jon Schaffer. As the band begins to solidify their lineup and re-ignites their fanbase with last year's "Dystopia," Iced Earth seems rejuvenated and ready to continue their march as the vanguard of speed metal's underground. Jon sat down to talk about his band then and now, his side projects, and what it took to get here.

Editor's note: It's worth noting that the views expressed here are Jon Schaffer's own, and are not endorsed by BloodyGoodHorror.com

M.DREW: Your tour is you guys, who are the speed metal veterans, then Hellyeah, who’s an echo of Pantera, and Volbeat, sort of the heavy metal Elvis. What kind of fans are showing up to this show?

Sophisticult Cinema Episode 3: "In Time"


John and Jon go overtime to discuss the new sci-fi failure.

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Episode 112 - "Repo Men"


Joe and Schnaars duke it out over this film's merits...

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Episode 102 - "Daybreakers"


Yes, Ethan Hawke is a vampire... yes, those are his real teeth.

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Episode 61 - "Repo! The Genetic Opera"


The crew reviews Repo!, and we're all pretty underwhelmed by the experience.

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