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Trailer: "Devil's Creek" Will Make You Cry

I'll be honest I have no idea what The Book Of Job is about but based on the promo you can watch below it's pretty f'ed up. The video is for the short film which the full length movie "Devil's Creek" will be based on. The film is being described as a modern day telling of Job's Book which apparently revolves around a man who's faith is tested. In this case by his wife being kidnapped and a bunch of people being tortured.

The full length film is set to shoot sometime in 2010 and should see a DVD release shortly after.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday December 29th, 2009

2009 is drawing to a close, which leaves us with 2010 to prepare for. To help make things easier, check out this list of horror releases for the upcoming year! While not all inclusive, it does have a good list both big and small releases for the new year.

There's a new anthology series on its way, but it won't be for the small screen. In fact, it will be for the even smaller screen! Jonathon Moody will be premiering a new web series entitled "Scream Queen Campfire". Each episode will feature a new short as told be a scream queen, sitting around a campfire.

Producers of "True Blood" continue to bloat the cast for the upcoming new season with the addition of "NCIS" alum Lindsay Pulcipher. Pulcipher makes the 11th new cast member.

In Real People News: 

Georgia has a hard time keeping track of its sex offenders. To date, there are over 441 offenders state wide that cannot be found.

A man arrested for peeping on unsuspecting users of portable toilets loses his appeal. His appeal being that police invaded his right to privacy while he was in the portable toilet.

On this day in history: 

1890 - Over 200 Sioux Indians were massacred by US Troops sent to disarm them at Wounded Knee South Dakota.

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