dan myrick

"Paranormal Activity" director and scribe Oren Peli has announced his next project, Area 51. Applying the same narrative style as his current hit, "Area 51" will follow a group of teens who find themselves mistakenly at the infamous Air Force base.

Eduardo Sanchez confirms rumors that he has re-teamed with Dan Myrick to begin work on "Blair Witch 3". The movie appears to be in the early planning and scripting phase, so don't go lining up at the theater just yet.

Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash face off once again, but this time on the silver screen instead of the ring. Both wrestlers star in director Bruce Koehler's "River of Darkness". Can Angle pull off a convincing small town sheriff? Better yet... can he pull off acting?

Over the course of "Blair Witch Project" co-director Daniel Myrick's spiffy 2009 sci-fi thriller "The Objective," I unearthed two very important, rarely discussed truths. The first, of course, is that Myrick has yet to recapture the magic of his iconic feature-length debut, a task that teeters, in my opinion, on the brink of impossibility. There were several memorable moments in the film that came dangerously close to covering me with goosebumps, though each of these scenes is hampered by Myrick's desire to keep the majority of the story's secrets in the dark.