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Another year of horror in the books. Though as years go, this one seemed to have less horror than most -- a trend that is reflected in our collective "Best of 2014" list below. Starting at number one, and then on through the list, there are fewer pure horror staples than we've seen in years past, even when 2013 seemed to signal this same trend.


(Editor's note: Over the rest of this week and next we'll be rolling out our staff picks for the best in horror from 2014, leading up to the official BGH Best of 2014 list and the Year in Review podcast. Enjoy!)

The Top 10

10. Annabelle - Another entry in the possession golden age spunoff from James Wan's The Conjuring. A few twists and tweaks on a familiar formula provides strong scares and a demonic representation. 

A movie sure to inspire future BGH crew shenanigans...