"Cadaver" Streaming At IFC On Demand

Generally speaking, I'm an equal opportunity employer when it comes investigating creepy supernatural thrillers, even if said pelicula contains the dreaded "long haired girl" popping in and out of the shadows. However, in the past, Thai horror films haven't exactly gone out of their way to impress me. I don't know if something gets lost in translation or if there's too much culture clash getting in the way of the terror -- either way, my success rate with their disjointed brand of Asian horror isn't very good. Duloisit Niyomkul's 2006 supernatural medical offering "Cadaver" (aka "Sop") looks as if it may be a step in the right direction, but you can't properly size-up a movie's worth when its trailer is presented in a language you can't understand. Visually, the film looks good, as does its slightly intriguing premise.

Here's the synopsis from IMDB:

Mai is a medical student who has a scary experience while working with an experimental cadaver while doing her anatomy research. After this, she becomes haunted by a woman ghost that keeps following her everywhere. While Mai is terrified of the fearsome ghost, her teacher, Dr. Prakit, is the only person who is willing to try and help her. But, when she deeply discovers the truth behind this unknown cadaver, it leads her to find a horrible story of a girl called Dawan who is somehow linked to the cadaver.

Sounds pretty nifty, right? If you're more than interested in the film, you can find it right now on IFC on Demand, where it quietly waits to work its way under your pasty skin, theoretically speaking. And if you don't mind trying to decipher the picture's Thai trailer, feel free to investigate the clip below.

As soon as I've tackled "Cadaver" on my own, you'll be the first to know. Besides myself, of course.



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