BGH Thirsty Thursdays - Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Drinking Game

Here at Bloody Good Horror we spend much of our time talking about good movies and bad movies alike, and picking apart the things that place titles in either category. In horror specifically, there is a beautiful gradient, comprised of everything from "so bad it's good" to "just plain bad." For many movies in this grey area, the viewing experience itself - who you watch it with and how - can be as important as the movie itself. In that tradition, monthly on a Thursday we'll fondly recall one of those kinds of movies that seem made for the loud and alcohol-fueled viewing party, and give you the framework to host a screening of your very own, complete with imbibing instructions!

Note: BGH reminds you to respect the minimum age requirement for drinking in whatever god forsaken hellhole you live in.

It's the spookiest time of year and, as such, we here at Bloody Good Horror have decided to bless you with not one, but two drinking games this month and two #TweetwithBGHs! We know, we kind of rock!

First up we have the fifth film in the Friday the 13th franchise, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning The film follows up with Tommy Jarvis, who is pretty messed up from that time he (played by Corey Feldman at the time) shaved his head and attacked Jason. Now, living in a halfway house, similar killings are happening and Tommy is worried that this might not be over. Like the fifth film in all of the "Big Three" slasher franchises, A New Beginning is not a strong entry in the mix, but it sure is fun to watch (unlike A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child).

So grab a few of your favorite drinks, cue up your favorite song to dance obliviously to, and get ready for A New Beginning!


1. Have a gulp every time you aren't sure if you're having  trouble following the plot becase you haven't seen all the sequels leading up to this one or becuase this movie is so patently absurd.

2. Drink every time Tommy hallucinates and sees Jason.

3. Take a swig every time Reggie "The Reckless" screams.

4. Drink whenever the acting is just way too much.

5. Finish your drink for that walkman dance sequence.



Sophie's introduction into the magic that is the horror genre was watching Halloween at a party in high school, and since then she's never looked back. She may be the wimpiest horror fan you have ever met, but she won't ever let that stop her!