Battlestar 4.21 - "Daybreak: Part One"

I can only count on one hand how many times I had anxiety, while watching a television show, reading a book/comic or watching a film, and I am quite the fantasy media whore. When it came to the end of the "Lord of The Rings" or the "Matrix" Trilogies, I would turn to whoever was watching the final installments with me, and say "I really don't want to see the rest of this." I had grown so attached to the characters, that I would become a nervous wreck, anticipating their possible deaths. 'Battlestar' has reached that point, but in this case, the anxiety might be too much to bear.

After watching "Daybreak : Part 1", I couldn't even bring myself to watch the coming attractions for the second part. To be even more masochistic, Show Creator/Writer, Ron Moore, threw in a few 'Lost' style flashbacks into this episode, to give us one last look into the the characters, we have grown to love past 4 + years.

The flashbacks have caused a stir amongst the 'BSG' fans over the past few days. Whether it be the symbolism associated with Lee and the pigeons in the Caprica apartment, or the mystery behind the discussion Adama was having with his superior officer, the fans of 'BSG' are desperate to know Ron Moore's motivations. One point that everyone seems to agree upon - Moore wanted to remind us of how much both Adamas, Roslin, Starbuck etc. have lost, since before the show started.

The most intriguing of flashbacks involved an early encounter between Baltar and Caprica Six. One one of their first dates, Baltar is forced to go to his father's house and confront him, over the fact that he has scared away the third nurse that Baltar has hired to take care of him.

Fans will recognize the thick accent of Baltar's blue collared father, from the imitation Gauis pulled off in Season Three. The actor they chose to play Baltar's father was wonderful, whether it was when he asked Baltar if Six was the newest girl he was "banging", or when he was hitting Baltar with his cane. The scene was both incredibly depressing and incredibly funny at the same time.

The Baltar flashback that followed was proof that Baltar and Caprica Six's relationship wasn't purely based on sex. Six, after breaking into Baltar's apartment, explains that she placed his father in a nursing home that was a better fit for his lifestyle. To add to the flashback speculation, a few 'BSG' fans and I have pondered whether Six had actually killed Baltar's father, or if she truly did place him in a better home.

I doubt that question will be answered in the two hour finale this Friday. The previews make it seem like there will be a tremendous amount of gunplay, either abourd the Galactica or the Cylon colony ship. I have already bought my box of tissues. I just hope there is someone around to convince me to sit through it all.

I'd love to know how you guys think the show will end, so if you have any theories leave 'em in the comments!



I was brought up an only child/only grandchild in a family obsessed with horror films. I am really good at creating terrifying scenarios in my head, which can sometimes lead to dissapointment while watching scary movies. I am a comic book writer, and my love for comics only slightly surpases my love for horror movies.

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