Battlestar 4.20 - "Islanded in a Sea of Stars"

This week's episode, "Islanded in a Sea of Stars" was actually hurt by the prior week's coming attractions. The highlight of the episode, which was also the most shocking moment, happened right before the beginning credits rolled. By the time 56 crew members were sucked through a breach in the hull, into the cold vacuum of space, last week's preview made the entire disaster old news. It never fails though, seeing a human or Cylon floating dead in space is quite the disturbing image.

The big question, as we make out way to the two part season finale is- will the Galactica survive? If we had the premonition of a Cylon hybrid, we would have added the Galactica to the death list we each wrote down, a few blogs back.

Speaking of hybrids, if the Galactica does survive, it looks like Anders will be the ship's hybrid pilot. This, once again, plays into the main theme from the end of this season- the idea of the Cylons and humans being integrated together.

Other key moments in "Islanded" included a glimpse of the Cylon colony world, which has been moved by Cavil, as well as the revelation that Starbuck is not a Cylon, yet that WAS her human body that she found on Earth. Baltar figures this out using his old chemistry kit (hey, remember when he was a scientist?) and uses the information to try and stir up interest in his religious movement.

When I was done watching "Islanded", I checked out the newest episode of the 'Battlestar Water Cooler' podcast. The hosts made me chuckle a few times, as they joked on and on about Adama and his crying fits. "Islanded" had Adama gushing, after applying a bit of the Cylon goop to the wall in his quarters. One of the hosts of the 'BWC' podcast suggested they take footage of the weeping Adama and play Aerosmith's "Crying" in the background.

I think all of us fans are going to need a bit of that humor to pick us up. Things are getting quite somber on the show, and Adama wasn't the only one shedding tears. Starbuck shed a few, after Apollo told her to forget the fact that her dead body was left on Earth. Helo broke down while begging Adama for permission to take a raptor out to find Hera.

It makes sense that everyone is sobbing at this point. I am practically at the point of crying as well, knowing that my favorite show has only two episodes left.



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