AMC Fearfest Kicks Off October 18th!

Every Halloween season, I always look forward to AMC Fearfest. Fearfest kicks off on Monday, October 18 and runs through Sunday, October 31. This year's marathon will feature over 60 contemporary and classic horror films as well as interviews with horror directors and actors throughout each night's prime time film. In addition to premiere movies such as "House of Wax" (2005), "Evil Dead II" and "28 Days Later" (just to name a few), Fearfest has some pretty great movies lined up this year. First of all, in celebration of the "Friday the 13th" franchise's 30th Anniversary, parts 1-9 will be airing together in the prime time slots from October 18-22. "Halloween" parts 1-5 will be airing together in the prime time slots from October 25-27, as well as on Halloween. Stephen King classics "Cujo", "Pet Sematary", "The Shining", "Sleepwalkers" and "Graveyard Shift", will also be airing throughout the marathon. This year's Fearfest is pretty exciting, as it culminates with the highly anticipated world premiere of "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, October 31 at 10/9c. For further details on the Fearfest schedule, check out AMC Fearfest. As an added bonus, the site is chock full of horror movie quizzes, trivia, photos, interviews and even some classic horror movies available online. But that's not all! Be sure to cast your vote in the AMC Fearfest Awards 2010! And now I will leave you with a clip from one of the movies that I cannot go a single Halloween without watching: "Halloween III"! Enjoy.



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