You Choose: Should We Watch "Red Riding Hood" For the Podcast?

On March 11th the much anticipated "Red Riding Hood" hits theaters around the country and the world may never be the same. From the trailer and previews it looks like we're being sold a "Twilight" style film with a doe eyed Amanda Seyfried prancing around the woods being harassed by a wolf. So the obvious question comes to mind, should we cover this film for the Podcast? On one side of the fence is the argument that this is a horror film and should be covered by a horror podcast. On the other side is the belief that this movie is going to be nothing but agonizing to watch and the fact that it's actually directed by the same gal who directed the first "Twilight" movie is reason enough to skip it. It's a tough choice and we've been bickering over email for the past two days trying to decide.

So, since Bloody Good Horror is a democracy, and we value your opinion more than anything else in this world we decided to leave it to you guys to decide. The idea is simple, if this post gets more then 100 "Likes" by March 6th then the following weekend the 5 of us will head to the theaters for some good old fashioned teen hearthrobbing. If the the "likes" fall short, then we're off the hook and we go about our merry little way. Keep in mind that only "Likes" on THIS post count, anything done on facebook will make us feel pretty, but won't help you in your quest to ruin our weekend. If you don't want us to see the film feel free to post up your hate in the comments section.

Good luck and may God have mercy on your soul.


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