Yard Zombies!

My neighbors can be a pain in the ass. "Erin, don't you think January is too early for Halloween decorations?" "Erin, do you really have to build a trebuchet in the middle of the cul-de-sac" or "Erin, just because you drank a bottle of tequila does not mean your friends have to re-enact Night of the Living Dead in the yard at 2am." They are SO LAME.

Fine, so I need a more subtle way to proclaim my enthusiasm for zombies. So what better way to be subtle than a zombie lawn sculpture? Thank God for The Zombie of Montclaire Moor by famous horror sculptor Alan Dickinson! A life sized sculpt of a zombie emerging from the ground! Normally this fine piece of art is $89.95 at one of my favorite stores, Design Toscano, but if you order before 2/15/11 and use the code FEB2011 at check out, you get 20% off - totally metal.

That Ghoul Eva