Xbox 360 Project Natal Goes Controller-Less

E3 is in full gear and announcements are coming in from all angles. So far, the buzz seems to be the strongest for XBOX 360's "Project Natal," a set of technologies that allow for full voice, face, and movement detection without the use of a controller. As usual, they've compiled a cheesy "demo" to put it in Kindergarten terms that my feeble brain can understand...

Obviously "Project Natal" is far from showable, as evidenced by the glossed over demo, but if it were actually able to work in any manner close to what they showed here, it could be a major gamechanger. The Wii has proven, despite accusations to the contrary, that motion based controls are here to stay. What remains to be seen, however, is whether or not the hardcore Call of Duty generals and achievement hunters really harbor the desire to get off their ass for extended periods of time and move in a meaningful way, at least until they come out with "James Brown: Dance Hero." Get up offa' that thang!


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