Wild Speculation: Who are Ridley Scott's Space Jockeys?

iO9 has a great article about Ridley Scott and his "Space Jockeys" (pictured above). They made their first mysterious appearance in "Alien" (1979), and are starting to pop up in promotional materials for "Prometheus". So since this is the internet, they decided to dig up every reference that exists to the creatures to try and make sense of how they fit into the universe.

Now that we're all 100% certain that the Space Jockeys will be making a cameo in Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus, it's time to sit down and get the lonely space pilot's story straight. For example, are they elephant people or suits? How tall are they? What is their role in Prometheus ?

We rounded up every single quote, DVD commentary, concept art piece, and interview from the director and crew working on both Alien and Prometheus in hopes of uncovering this mysterious space race's true mission. Spoilers ahead...

Needless to say, this is an internet wormhole of the highest order, and if you choose to go down it, we at Bloody Good Horror are not responsible for where you end up. Enjoy.

Eric N

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