"Whiteout" Trailer

The trailer for the new Kate Beckinsale film “Whiteout” has finally hit the web and from the looks of things is shaping up to be pretty enjoyable. The basic story revolves around a U.S. Marshal played by Beckinsale who is sent to track a killer in the most remote part of Antarctica. Only problem is the sun is about to set for six months and the weather conditions are about the worst you could imagine.

The story for "Whiteout" is based on a series of graphic novels by Greg Rucka. Not the first time we’ve seen a film set in Antarctica but one of the few that has used its conditions in combination with a murder mystery. The film is currently set for a September 11th release and you can view the trailer below. As an added bonus they've also included the locations coordinates if for any reason you'd like to visit. If you do, you might want to bring a coat.


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