What we're watching this weekend, Schnaars is everywhere edition

It's been said that I see fellow podcaster Jon Schnaars' face everywhere. I'm convinced the guy who played Bucky in "Captain America" looks just like him (the same guy who played Blane in "Hot Tub Time Machine"). The lead actor in "Troll Hunter" also bears more than a striking resemblance, as does the lead in this week's podcast subject, "Chronicle". What can I say, the man has a magical, universally WASP-y mug. Come to a Horror Hound Weekend sometime, you'll see what I mean.

As for the current episode, as soon as I get the gremlins out of my computer I'll be putting it out, so you can hear our thoughts on "The Woman in Black". Spoiler alert, the people in this film really like their liquor.

Check out the trailer for "Chronicle" below, currently in its second week of release. Schnaars is the one misusing his powers. It's just like him...

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