What we're watching this weekend: Dispatches from podcast land

You may be wondering why you can no longer access "BGH Classics" - where we sold back episodes of the show for 99 cents - on the site any more. Well, we caught wind that the service we were using was not going to be available for much longer, so our fancy business guy Jon had to take time to do some research and find a new outlet to make that stuff available. He did eventually find one, but we're still in the process of re-uploading and organizing everything. My guess is in the next week or two, BGH Classics will be made available to the masses once again.

As for current episodes, we have two in the hopper that are waiting to be edited. One is on the Troma film "Father's Day", and will surely live up to our "explicit" tag on iTunes. Honestly, listening to Jon read the IMDB description is worth the price of admission alone. Before that though you'll be hearing another episode on a really intriguing film called "The Divide", the latest from "Frontiere(s)" director Xavier Gens. You should see at least one of these episodes by the end of the week, with the other following this weekend.

NOW, to the "next" show, which I realize is a relative term. However, this weekend we're heading to the theater to check out Joss Whedon's brain-child, "Cabin in the Woods". I had the privilege to see this at an early screening last week, and while I'd prefer to keep the details to myself for the moment I can offer this... go see it. If you enjoy watching fun horror movies with a group of people, this will probably be your best chance so far this year.

And that's about it for now, folks. We're currently looking for movie reviewers at BGH, so hit us up at info (at) bloodygoodhorror (dot) com if you think you have the chops. Be sure to send a writing sample as well. Who knows, you too might one day have the privilege of us making fun of you on the podcast. Just ask Andy, we've made all his dreams come true.

Oh and hey, if you haven't already, please leave us a review on the iTunes store, it's the #1 thing you can do right now to help expose us to new horror fans.

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