Wes Craven on Remakes, "25/8" Plot

It seems like Wes Craven has taken a lot of flack lately from the horror community, both for the shilling nature of his Twitter feed, and his willingness to remake his own films.

And, I get that. I've always loved Craven though because of the cerebral way that he treats the genre. People forget that before going into horror films Craven was actually a Professor of Humanities. He brings an interesting viewpoint on things, whether or not they always turn out Oscar worthy.

So I enjoyed his thoughts in a recent Interview at Arrow in the Head over fans reactions to his remaking "Last House", and the steps he took to make sure it turned out respectful...

...if the original filmmakers are there and they are being careful about their choices and respecting this new film, it’s not like you’re going to crank something out at a lesser budget and get it out just to make some money. This is something that we really took a lot of care with. And we turned it over to somebody only after we were very, very sure that this guy was the true, real artist and got the genre, you know. Then it doesn’t have to be crap, you know.

The important thing is just to look at it and realize that this… it’s on you to be… you can be as artistic and deep as you personally can go, and this genre will love you for it. It’s not like you have to be stupid or just have breast flopping around, or whatever the hell it is. It will accept as far down as you can go into meaning and all the other things. So you just treat it with respect. Treat the audience with respect. I think it is an incredibly smart audience. I love trying to trick them because it is very hard to surprise them or not have them figure out what you’re up to. So it’s always that kind of fun mind game.

He also drops some interesting info on his upcoming feature, "25/8".

Its the story of seven kids who are all born on the same night. And it turns out that they each have the soul of one of the personalities of a schizophrenic from sixteen years before.

Wow... this gives me shades of "Shocker", no? If my instinct is right, this could turn out really awesome, or hilariously bad, depending on how you view that last comment. As always, leave those thoughts in the comments.

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